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What is the Metal Roof
tax credit?

The Federal Energy Star tax credit extends to metal roofs with qualifying "cooling" pigments like those provided by Best Buy Metals. Homeowners with qualifying roofing systems may claim 10% of the material cost (labor is not eligible to be claimed) up to $500. Any qualifying metal roof from 2017 to the end of 2021 can currently be claimed.

Learn more about the Energy Star program.

How do I apply for the tax credit?

You will need to fill out a federal tax form called Form 5695 and file it with your taxes.

Instructions for filling out Form 5695

Download Form 5695

Why is a tax credit offered for metal roofing?

"Cool" metal roofs feature high quality resins and ceramic pigments that possess solar reflectance properties. This means instead of absorbing solar energy and inadvertently heating your home it reflects a portion of solar energy back into the atmosphere, away from your home allowing your HVAC system to run more efficiently.

Learn more about cool metal roof coatings.

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