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The Value of Metal Roofing

The Value of Metal Roofing

Value = How well something meets a need + The cost of the solution

Value is a perception, not a statistical fact. A toothpick becomes very valuable to a person who has a popcorn kernel stuck in their teeth for three days. That person would be willing to dedicate time and resources to acquire a toothpick, a useless sliver of wood to anyone else.

Determining the value of a metal roof is personal. Customer preferences and needs, and cost options need to be considered as a value benchmark is established.

Value Benchmark - The maximum price one will pay to meet their Essential Needs.

Like value, essential needs cannot be defined by anyone but the consumer. Roofing essential needs may range from merely wanting to keep an area dry to desiring a roof system that looks like the surface of Mars. Both of these essentials needs are valid because the consumer defines them. There is a cost associated with each essential need; the consumer determines if the need justifies the price.

Price is often a consideration when choosing a metal roof. What is your budget? Metal roofing can be less expensive than traditional asphalt shingles, but there are also metal roofing options with unique looks and finishes that can be more expensive. What are your essential needs? What is your budget? What is your value benchmark?

Functionality is an essential need of any metal roofing system. Is the roofing system watertight? Will it protect the home and an individual's personal belongings? While most are concerned with how waterproof the system is, others may need their roof to serve additional functions; can solar panels be installed with this system, can this roof be used to collect water runoff, is this roof Energy Star efficient? Metal roofing can satisfy many functional needs beyond only creating a watertight system.

Longevity matters. As non-metal roofing systems become less reliable and fail to meet their promoted lifespans, metal roofing offers, for most, a lifetime roofing solution. With 40+ year warranties on the paint and even more exceptional durability on primers and the steel itself, metal creates a perfect long term solution for anyone tired of replacing their roof every ten years. While every metal roof offers an incredible lifespan, thicker gauge materials, and premium paint finishes are available if your essential needs demand system longevity beyond the standard metal roofing products.

Appearance is another essential need for all consumers. Some applications do not require a specific look; the consumer wants the most cost-effective system to keep an area dry. Perfect, Tuff-Rib is an excellent price-aggressive roofing solution that will meet their price and appearance needs. If a customer's essential need is a roof that matches traditional Spanish clay tile, no problem, the Stile metal formed tile system can achieve the desired result. Again, as the essential need increases, so too does the cost.

If the functionality, longevity, or appearance of a roofing system moves beyond your value benchmark, review alternative styles, gauges, and colors to find the perfect balance between your essential needs and overall cost. Determine what matters most to you and discover your ideal metal roofing solution.

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